Taking Work from Others

Many organisations and companies tend to flounder after the founder of the organisation retires, leaves or passes on.

The reason is that the founder did not learn how to "take work from people."

As simple as it sounds, this is a very important skill and one which very few people harness and master.

Our Sheikh has sometimes subtlety and other times directly got not only khulafa but others too to do some khidmat of deen.

From the kitchen to jalsas and to zikr/durood majaalises, Sheikh has engaged mureeds to the extent that scores of people are engaged in some effort of deen.

I remember one occasion in 2011. It was a Shab Guzzar night in KZN. Sheikh specially called a few of us to sit with him while having supper. Sheikh motivated and encouraged us to give some of the mureeds "portfolios" and responsibilities and engage them so that work can be taken from them. He went to the extent of saying that we should make them feel "important" so that they become encouraged.

Let us also start using this skill. Often we complain that it is the same people who are doing the work. This is an indication that we are not effectively utilizing the skill and we are not effectively utilising our human resources.

May Allah grant us the taufique.

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