Making Peoples Hearts Happy

In March 2012, Sheikh toured KZN promoting the recitation of durood. On Sheikh's Stanger leg of the tour, the programme took place in Musjid-e-Nur in Stanger.

Supper followed at Br Ahmed Gora Moolla's home. The next programme was scheduled for Esha the same night in Shakaskraal.

The timing was tight to travel to Shaka's and the trustee of the Shaka's musjid still had to be contacted to "ok" the programme for immediately after the fardh salaat.

At the very last minute before Sheikh could leave for Shaka's, Hafez Abubakr Ismail requested Sheikh to visit a group of hifz class boys who were having a braai.

Ahmed Gora and myself were against the idea as the time was now "real right."

Sheikh, however said that he will visit the boys. As I walked with Sheikh to visit the boys, he told me that we should strive to make people happy. Allah loves those who make others happy.

A few days later Sheikh and myself had supper at with Mufti Ebrahim Desai, Sherwood, Durban. Mufti Saheb is a khalifah of Mufti Mahmood (Rahmatullah Alayh)

Sheikh and myself shared the plate. Sheikh took a liking to the "bhaji" and mince curry saying that the bitterness was good for his sugar. As he result he dished out a second helping in our plate. The result was that neither Sheikh nor myself really had an appetite for the chicken curry that was served. Sheikh then told told me to dish out some chicken curry as the ladies of the house had made great efforts to prepare the food. We should at least eat some chicken curry and thus make their hearts happy.

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