Sheikh's Value of Time

In the last week of October 2011 (Dhul Hijj, 1432) I drove Sheikh from Westbrook to Empangeni and back.

This was because Sheikh was the Juma speaker there.

Along the way Sheikh recited the Quran Shareef and engaged in Zikr.

Upon our return to Westrbrook, Sheikh in passing mentioned that one could comfortably read 1000 x 3rd Kalimah going to Empangeni and 1000x 3rd kalimah on the return trip.

This I took to mean that Sheikh himself read that much on the trip.

Alhamdulillah, I have been fortunate to drive Sheikh to a few places over the years. I have never seen Sheikh to waste time. He is always busy in Zikr. If he is early in the musjid, he likes to recite the Quran Shareef.

Whenever, I visited Sheikh while he was staying at the Westbrook flat, he is usually busy reading and writing kitabs,

As for Ramadhan, what can I say! All are witness to how Hazrat values his time. It reminds one of the stories of Hazrath Sheikh (ra). Not a moment is wasted and meeting with people is kept to an absolute minimum. In fact it seems to be an ordeal for Hazrat to meet people in Ramadhan.

May Allah grant us a spark of this quality that our beloved Sheikh (ra) possesses.

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