• Salaah becomes obligatory upon a Muslim, male and female once they reach puberty.
  • Missing any Fardh or Wajib Salaah intentionally and allowing them to become Qadha is a sinful act. One must at the earliest opportunity repent (Toubah) and complete any missed Salaah.
  • Females do not have to make up missed Salaah during menstruation and postnatal bleeding.
  • When making Qadha, one has to make intention of which Salaah you are reading e.g. “I intend to read 2 Rakaats Fardh Qadha Salaah of Fajr today.”
  • If you have missed many Salaah in the past and cannot be specific about dates then mention in the intention that you intend to offer the first Salaah that you have missed, e.g. “O Allah I intend to read 2 Rakaats Fardh Qadha Salaah of the first Fajr Salaah that I have missed.”
  • If one has been unable to make up for any missed Salaah and makes a will for fidyah to be given to the poor, then the amount of Sadaqatul Fitr will have to be given for each Salah.

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