An Extract from Al- Eti’daal Fi Maraatibur- Rijaal By Hazrath Sheikh Zakariyya (ra)

Similarly, in some fields the temptations to work for worldly selfish gain are more tempting than in others. It stands to reason that where the temptations are stronger, the precautions to be taken by Muslims should be greater.

In the field of political activity there is tremendous scope for boasting about achievements, much praising and cheering for things said and done, that one is greatly tempted to do things for name and fame. For this reason, whosoever enters politics should take special precautions to save himself, so that his actions may be of benefit to deen, and for the security and protection of Islam. His intention should he to save Islam from dangers, to protect Islam from the onslaughts of its non-Muslim enemies and to halt their victory over Islam.

If this is the object of the politician, no one can deny its being a good and righteous activity. Who is there among the Muslims who can deny this or has no desire in his heart that this be done? If however someone is incapable of involving himself, he should then at the very least try in his own chosen manner to assist those who sincerely do this noble work of striving for Islam and the Muslims rather than becoming a hindrance.

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Take Yourself to Account

My father respected Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi’ (rahmatullah alayh) would say, one day in a year business people close their businesses, to take account of the whole year’s business and to find out how much loss and profit was made. In the same way we need as well to take account of how much we have studied through out the year and how much we practiced upon and what changes came. Not that it’ll be like this…

“As a small donkey he came and as a big donkey he left.”

The Goal of ‘Ilm is ‘Amal

Hadhrat Sufiyan Thauri (rahimullah) – who was a big Imam, Muttaqi and Sufi ‘Alim – says, that when you hear a Hadith then practice upon it at one or another time.

“Not that one knows about something, but things to tell it in a speech or to tell it in a gathering.”

What is our Hadhraat Akabir ‘Ulema-e-Deoband’s special characteristic? What is the distinction of Darul ‘Uloom Deoband? In the world exist big, big research institutions, whose name we would hear earlier, and Allah Ta’ala showed me, really in sense of knowledge and honour higher than high institutions can be seen. Leaving the Islamic world aside, in the West orientalists sit writing books about Islam and giving references to such important books you’ll not even have heard of their names. But all this knowledge in the essential meaning of ‘Ilm is unreal and soulless. The special characteristic of Darul ‘Uloom Deoband is that along knowledge and research every single of it’s person wanted, that the knowledge that he was acquiring should be applied to his life.

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