Excerpt from Aap Beati – Volume 7

by  [Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Rahmatullah ‘Alayh]

On the 26th of Ramadhaan, news reached us of the Arab-Israeli war. Maulana Binori immediately decided to have a Bukhari khatam the following day. I could not see how that was possible.

I asked: “Where will you find readers for the Bukhari khatam? Where will you get the Paarahs?”

He replied: “There is a very large group of Ulama in Itikaaf this year. The majority of them are with you and a few are with me.”

I was still unconvinced, although I had heard that a very large group of people had come from various parts of the world because of my presence in Madina Munawwara. However, I never thought that there were so many Ulama amongst them.

 Maulana Binori promised to organize the Paarahs. He sent some people to gather Paarahs from various Madrasahs since early that morning. I was completely surprised when the khatam started at four o’clock. By six o’clock (Madina Munawwara time) the khatam was completed. Salaah commenced at 5.30. After the khatam, Bhai Abdul Hafeez led the du’a. I believe it was due to the blessings of Maulana Binori that, that very same evening, it was announced over the radio that the war had ended.

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