Aap Beati – Volume 7

[Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Rahmatullah ‘Alayh]

Some of the students who arrived (for the Ramadhaan program – 1394) were students who had spent many a Ramadhaan in the company of Hadhrat Raipuri. Amongst them were some brothers of great calibre. The Raipur attendants often asked them why their Sheikh had still not given them Ijazat. By remaining in the company of Hadhrat Raipuri, they reached even greater heights. Due to what they heard from these people, they started considering themselves to be ‘something’. That was very destructive. The secret of this art is that, as long as a person considers himself to be nothing, he will be successful. However, the moment he starts to consider himself as being great, he will never succeed. This is a fact that I have experienced many times in my life amongst the attendants and mureeds of my Elders.


 I remember one of Hadhrat Madani’s answers to me. In a rather sharp tone he said: “Who is there that enters people into Bay’ah because he considers himself to be capable? Everyone who considers himself as competent is in fact incompetent. The successful ones are those who look upon themselves as being incompetent.”


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