Extracted from Aap Beti by Hazrat Sheikh Zakariyya (Rahmatullah Alayhi)

I had decided to perform 'Haj-e-badal' on behalf of my deceased daughter Shakira and had borrowed the money and handed it to Hazrat. May Allah reward Maulana well. He not only performed her Haj but I have heard that thereafter until the time he left for Egypt, he also performed many Umrahs on her behalf.

But to this day I regret not being with Hazrat Raipuri on this Haj.

On his return he said to me: "Throughout this journey I have been thinking about what I can take back for you that would please you. I thought about a mishlah, musalla and certain other things, but then I thought to myself that you would definitely express great happiness at my presenting it to you but it would not truly please your heart. I wanted something that would truly please you. After pondering over this for a long time and giving it great thought, I wore an Ihraam for Umrah from Musjid-un-­Nabawwi on your behalf."

I said: "Hazrat you tell me, could there have been any greater favour. An Umrah and on top of that performed by you and that too from Musjid-un-Nabawwi! Insha-Allah, that is more than enough for me."

Due to the barakat of Hazrat's favours, sincerity and love, I have received news of people having performed hundreds of Umrahs on my behalf. Lately together with Umrahs, news of Haj-e­-Badal on my behalf has also reached me. In some years, I have been informed of up to ten or twelve Haj-e-Badal having been performed.

According to the Hadith "Whoever promotes (starts) a good act, receives the reward of it and the reward of those who practice upon it", the reward of all of this is received by Hazrat Raipuri. Furthermore since Hazrat's gift of Umrah, it has also been my practice to tell my friends and associates that they should not bring any kurtas, shawls (rumals), mishlahs, etc. as gifts. Even if some of my close friends and associates bring me such things, I return it to them with great displeasure. Gifts to me are Umrahs and Tawaaf of Mecca and Salaat and Salaam at the Roza Aqdas in Medina. These are the real and true gifts according to me. I regard sending Mishlahs, Musallas, etc. as unnecessary.

Nowadays the presents from the Haram have taken on another bad turn. Now, the presents from the Haram and from Mecca are watches, radios etc.

"Innaa lillaahi wa Innaa ilayhi Raji'oon."
"Wa ilal Laahil Mushtakee."
"To Allah is my complaint."

I have written before and write so again. Umrah, Tawaaf and Salaam (to Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) - these things are presents from the Haram - not worldly nonsensical things. There is another incident I would like to mention about the Arafaat of that year. That year at Arafaat there was such a strong wind, heavy rain and hail that the tents went flying, with the result that the Hajis experienced tremendous inconvenience.

Hazrat Raipuri commanded his followers to proceed to the buses half an hour before the time. The others were quite surprised that he had ordered them to the buses so early, but when the storm broke loose and the tents went flying around, only then did the people realise Hazrat's powers of Karaamat.

I have heard that on that day, on the plains of Arafaat, music from a radio was heard. If under such circumstances a calamity does not befall us, then what should break out? Is it any wonder? We always cry about heavenly and earthly calamities, but do we ever stop to think of how our deeds are the cause of these calamities?

During this Ramadan, 1390, there was such a terrible hurricane in Pakistan, that we feel we have not even got the courage to mention about it. The end result of it was such that one can only say that Allah's mercy was with the Muslims, in that He only lent a limited amount of punishment. If He were to punish us for our sins, then we have not left any stone unturned to earn His anger.

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