When Hazrat Maulana Khalil Ahmad Saheb Rahmatullah Alayh returned to Mazahirul Uloom after having resided in Hejaz, Arabia for a full year, my late father Maulana Mohammad Yahya Saheb Rahmatullah Alayh had already passed away at the beginning of ZilQadh 1334 Hijri. Hazrat then declined to accept any salary from the Madressa stating that because of his old age and weakness he had for quite some time up to then not been able to give his best service to the Madressa. He stated further: "But now during my absence Maulana Mohammad Yahya Saheb had in my place been teaching the Duara Hadeeth books without accepting any salary. He did this work considering it to be done on my behalf and in my place as my substitute. And he and I had been doing more work than one teacher. But at this moment, he is now no more with us and because I am unable to do the work of one teacher properly I ask to be excused from accepting any salary."

In this regard a long session of correspondence by letter ensued with Maulana Abdul Rahim Raipuri Saheb Rahmatullah Alayh. Hazrat responded: "Your presence in Mazahirul Uloom is of the utmost importance. Because of your presence the whole setup and administration of the Madressa is effected positively. Should you excuse yourself and absent yourself from the Madressa it will suffer great loss. Therefore the Madressa will now not give you a salary for teaching but as supervisor of the Madressa.

Hazrat Maulana Thanwy seconded and supported this view very strongly. Upon this Maulana Khalil Ahmad Saheb accepted the salary. It was quite wellknown that the salary was forty rupees per month and so it remained for a very long time. Whenever the Madressa administration wanted lo discuss the matter of an increase in salary for him, Maulana used to say: "Leave it alone. Even this is too much for my position."

However when the salaries of the other junior teachers had reached up to forty, many officials urged him to accept an increase stating that because of his attitude the salaries of other teachers were stopped from being increased. Only then did he reluctantly accept.

It is also known about Hazrat ShaikhulHind Maulana Mahmoodul Hasan that he also refused to accept an increase above fifty rupees. Only after a long time and because of his attitude being the cause of the other subsidiary teachers not being able to get increases, he accepted finally.

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