Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Mazhar Saheb Nanotwi Rahmatullah Alayh is almost looked upon as the actual founder of Mazahirul Uloom. It was a generally well known fact that during the days of youth that if anyone visited him for a personal visit while he was busy teaching, and talk to him, he took very careful note of the amount of time that went into the meeting. Then he use to write the number of minutes down day by day, count them all together at the end of the month. If by then it all added up to less than half a day he had half a day subtracted from his monthly salary, as having gone for unpaid leave of absence. And if it amounted to more than half a day, one day was subtracted. For this day or half a day of his leave salary had to be ad- justed. On the other hand if it so happened that during Madressa time someone came to ask some fatwa or if any time went into Madressa work, it was not subtracted.