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Hazrat Saharanpuri was very strict and adamant that teachers should teach with punctuality. He insisted that classes commence five minutes after the bell. It should not commence before that time and not end more than five minutes before the bell, so that students can in time transfer from one class to another, otherwise they could lose some part of the lessons.

Whenever any complaints were received from students regarding any teachers, the teachers had to answer. There was such fear and respect for him that his mere asking a teacher about a complaint was sufficient to put fear into them.

He also insisted that lessons should be given regularly and in a uniform manner. He greatly resented that a teacher should in the beginning give long and detailed explana­tions and then towards the end of the year let the kitab be recited (without explanation) like Ramadan Taraweeh. In the case of complaints in this regard he did not hesitate to scold the most senior lecturers.

In accordance with his opinions a teaching time-table was prepared in his last years of teaching which to this day is in operation in the Madressa. Similarly he also had the habit of personally supervising the teaching and manner of teaching. Whenever any complaint was received regarding a teacher, he would just as that teacher was starting to teach, send a message to the specific teacher, informing him that the ''lesson will be given under the bell".

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Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Mazhar Saheb Nanotwi Rahmatullah Alayh is almost looked upon as the actual founder of Mazahirul Uloom. It was a generally well known fact that during the days of youth that if anyone visited him for a personal visit while he was busy teaching, and talk to him, he took very careful note of the amount of time that went into the meeting. Then he use to write the number of minutes down day by day, count them all together at the end of the month. If by then it all added up to less than half a day he had half a day subtracted from his monthly salary, as having gone for unpaid leave of absence. And if it amounted to more than half a day, one day was subtracted. For this day or half a day of his leave salary had to be ad- justed. On the other hand if it so happened that during Madressa time someone came to ask some fatwa or if any time went into Madressa work, it was not subtracted.

Maulana al-Haaj Inayat Ilahi Rahmatullah Alayh was the principal of the Madressa. (May Allah grant him a lofty place in paradise). He was not only the principal but also a Mufti (jurisconsultant) and all the Madressa's legal affairs were entrusted to him. Apart from that he was also respon­sible for collecting funds monthly.

Whenever the collector came to report someone not having given his monthly contributions towards Madressa expen­diture after having already been to him once or twice, he himself would on his way to or from the Madressa to his house, go to that person and request the voluntary pay­ment, explaining that the funds did not yet come in. The manner of soliciting would be so beautiful as to be effec­tive. We cannot go into detail in this short discussion.

Anyway, in his office he had two ink-stands and pens, one belonging to the Madressa and the other being his own together with some personal writing paper. Whenever he had to write any personal letters, he used his own pen and paper, not the Madressa's.

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I have often heard the late Allah fearing Hazrat Maulana alHaj Shah Abdul Raheem Raipuri, the patron of Darul Uloom Deoband and Mazahirul Uloom Saharanpur, saying: "I do not fear anything as much as I fear being patron and supervisor of a Madressa.

If a person is an employee of someone and neglects his duty, or betrays his employer or causes him any loss and leaves his job, or at the time of death begs his employer's forgiveness, he may be forgiven and pardoned. But the money of the Madressa, comes from the general Muslim public, the poor ones, and has been collected in two two rupees from them.

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