Aap Beti - Extracts

Then there is Hazrat Maulana Abdul Lateef Saheb. With him I have always had bonds of love from the very beginning of my student days under him, but from 1345 onwards when he became Nazim, this love and admiration for him grew daily in depth till the time of his death.

Hence, when shortly prior to his death, he had a testamentary document (Wasiyat-nama) written by Qari Saeed Ahmed's hands, with regard to household matters, he called me and asked me not to disclose its contents to anyone in his lifetime, and laid upon me the responsibility to carry it out and to see it being implemented after his death. He used to consult with me quite often on his family affairs. Often if he had to impress something upon the mind of his wife, he made me do it. On the other hand, if his wife wanted to impress something upon his mind, she used me to do the talking and persuading. Hence at the time of the Nikah of Abdur Ra'oof, their son, several such occasions arose, which his wife will still remember quite well. All this close contact was basically because of our connection with the Madressa, and his diligence in carrying out his duty and even beyond, for the Madressa.

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