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Hadhrat (Mol Rashid Ahmed Gangohi rahmatullah alayhi) said:
“If in one gathering all the Auliya have gathered including Hadhrat Junaid Baghdadi and our Hadhrat Haji Sahib also happens to be there, then we shall not turn our attention to Hadhrat Junaid Baghdadi or anyone else. We will go to Hadhrat Haji Sahib. Yes, Hadhrat Haji Sahib should turn his attention to them. Our concern is with only Hadhrat Haji Sahib.”

Extacted from Masha'ikh e Chist by Hazrat Sheikh Zakariyya Rahmatullah Alayhi


When Hazrat Maulana Khalil Ahmad Saheb Rahmatullah Alayh returned to Mazahirul Uloom after having resided in Hejaz, Arabia for a full year, my late father Maulana Mohammad Yahya Saheb Rahmatullah Alayh had already passed away at the beginning of ZilQadh 1334 Hijri. Hazrat then declined to accept any salary from the Madressa stating that because of his old age and weakness he had for quite some time up to then not been able to give his best service to the Madressa. He stated further: "But now during my absence Maulana Mohammad Yahya Saheb had in my place been teaching the Duara Hadeeth books without accepting any salary. He did this work considering it to be done on my behalf and in my place as my substitute. And he and I had been doing more work than one teacher. But at this moment, he is now no more with us and because I am unable to do the work of one teacher properly I ask to be excused from accepting any salary."

In this regard a long session of correspondence by letter ensued with Maulana Abdul Rahim Raipuri Saheb Rahmatullah Alayh. Hazrat responded: "Your presence in Mazahirul Uloom is of the utmost importance. Because of your presence the whole setup and administration of the Madressa is effected positively. Should you excuse yourself and absent yourself from the Madressa it will suffer great loss. Therefore the Madressa will now not give you a salary for teaching but as supervisor of the Madressa.

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1 have not seen or experienced this incident at first hand but have heard it from two impeccable sources. Once a very high personality from among Hazrat's relatives, who holds a high position, came to visit him, while he was teaching. Up to the end of the class Hazrat paid no attention to him and only came to him at the end of his teaching hour. The man told him: "Hazrat, please remain seated where you are." Hazrat replied: "The Madressa has supplied this carpet for teaching purposes, not to sit on it and engage in personal discussions. For this reason I moved away from that spot." I have never seen him use anything belonging to the Madressa for his personal needs.

Extracted from Aap Beti, regarding Mol Khalil Ahmed Sahranpuri (rahmatullah alayhi)

Extracted from Aap Beti by Hazrat Sheikh Zakariyya (Rahmatullah Alayhi)

I had decided to perform 'Haj-e-badal' on behalf of my deceased daughter Shakira and had borrowed the money and handed it to Hazrat. May Allah reward Maulana well. He not only performed her Haj but I have heard that thereafter until the time he left for Egypt, he also performed many Umrahs on her behalf.

But to this day I regret not being with Hazrat Raipuri on this Haj.

On his return he said to me: "Throughout this journey I have been thinking about what I can take back for you that would please you. I thought about a mishlah, musalla and certain other things, but then I thought to myself that you would definitely express great happiness at my presenting it to you but it would not truly please your heart. I wanted something that would truly please you. After pondering over this for a long time and giving it great thought, I wore an Ihraam for Umrah from Musjid-un-­Nabawwi on your behalf."

I said: "Hazrat you tell me, could there have been any greater favour. An Umrah and on top of that performed by you and that too from Musjid-un-Nabawwi! Insha-Allah, that is more than enough for me."

Due to the barakat of Hazrat's favours, sincerity and love, I have received news of people having performed hundreds of Umrahs on my behalf. Lately together with Umrahs, news of Haj-e­-Badal on my behalf has also reached me. In some years, I have been informed of up to ten or twelve Haj-e-Badal having been performed.

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