Q&A: Hazrat is not at the Khanqah, why should I come?

Q: I heard Hazrat Ml Ibrahim Mia (DB) is not at the Khanqah. I feel I rather spend my Itikaaf in my home town. Please advise.

A: Hazrat Ml Ibrahim Mia (DB) is currently overseas undergoing treatment for cancer. We ask for your sincere duas for Sheikh's complete shifa (cure). Therefore he is not at the Khanqah this Ramadhan.

To answer your question, let us go back to the first lesson we received at the Khanqah and the lesson that we are reminded all the time by Hazrat and his Khulafa. It is the lesson of sincerity of intention.

If we come to the Khanqa for Sheikh's sake, then this a sign of insincerity and a deception of shaitaan. The correct intention should be for the pleasure of Allah and to make our own islaah (reformation). If we make the correct intention, we won't look at who is present but rather our objective.

Secondly, Allah mentions in the Quran that we should sit in the company of the pious. The Quran is for all times and is the truth. Therefore, Allah will ensure that there is always some pious servants available so that we could act upon this injunction. Alhamdullilah, there are many pious ulama and servants of Allah at the Khanqah and we will benefit from their company.

As far as the taleem (teaching), Hazrat has left behind capable Khulafa (vicegerents) and the spiritual programmes are taking place as was in the past. Keep in mind Hazrat Sheik-ul-Hadith's advise given in Aap Beti. Hazrat Sheik-ul-Hadith mentions that many people deprive themselves of benefit after their Sheikh passes away because they refuse to make a spiritual connection to their Sheikh's khulafa. They claim that the khulafa are not as pious as their sheikh, hence why should they they bay'at at their hands. No doubt, as we approach closer to the hour of qiyamah the general level of piety will be less than the generations that came before. But, to fail to take benefit from those who are with us will be to our own detriment. Tomorrow we will say alas, if only we took benefit from whose who were with with us because tomorrow's generation will be one notch lower than today's generation.

Alhamdullilah, the 'fez' of Hazrat can still be felt by those at the khanqah and undoubtedly Hazrat's tawajuh (spriritual attention) is on the khanqah even though he is not present.

Thus, we advise that you make an effort to present yourself at the Khanqah and thus benefit yourself.