Q&A: Dua for steadfastness in mamools

Q: Please make dua for me. I find difficulty in being punctual in my mamools (devotional practices). Some days I manage to complete it and some days I dont.

A: Dua can be made, but what is required is courage and determination on your part.

How is it that you punctually have breakfast, lunch and supper? How is it that you go to work on time on a daily basis? For our wordly needs we have a roster or time table. We plan ourselves that at a certain time I must eat and at a certain time I must eat, sleep, etc. So too, for our mamools we should make a time table. Specify your times for mamools and punctually adhere to it no matter it rains, hails or snows or no matter there is a wedding, funeral or function.

Fight your nafs and refuse to sleep until you complete your daily mamools. Hazrat Ml Ibrahim Mia (Damat Barakatuhu) advises "Do  today's work today!" Hazrat Sheikh Zakariyya (Rahmatullah Alayhi) used to say that punctuality and consistency in your mamools is the stepping stone to success.

Furthermore, stay away from sin as this will interfere in carrying out your mamools. Take time after every mamool and practise on SIDE for just 1 minute as follows:

S = Shukr. Thank Allah for granting you taufiq to carry out your mamools.
I = Istigfaar. Beg forgiveness for deficiencies in your ibadat.
D = Durood/Salawaat. This will help in gaining acceptance in Allah's Court.
E = Esaale Sawaab. Pass on the the reward to your near & dear deceased.

May Allah make it easy.

NB. Mureeds of Khanqah Zakariyya can download a mamool progress record card from www.kmsz.org.za. Go to downloads/publications/forms


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