What Is The Work Of A Sufi?

A Sufi reminds others of their original abode. Man forgets his original abode and becomes occupied in this material world whilst his Ruh (soul) is overpowered by love for his physical body. He is constantly concerned about restoring it. If he falls slightly ill, he will take medication. If he is tired, he will rest. Whenever he is hungry, he eats. When he is thirsty, he quenches his thirst. If it is cold, he will wear a shawl. If it is hot, he will switch on the fan. He is relentlessly endeavouring to bring ease and comfort to his body. In order to beautify himself, he will apply lotion to his face, apply kajal to his eyes, apply perfume and adorn himself with beautiful clothing.

However, in this entire effort, he has forgotten his original purpose. This is a temporary abode. In reality, his actual abode is the place to which he is heading. This is only the pathway, and he has stopped in the middle of his journey. The Sufiya therefore remind people of their original abode.

When a person gains recognition of his soul, he gains recognition of Allah Ta’ala also. He will ponder over the favours of Allah and express his gratitude to Him. However, we fail to express our gratitude to Allah, yet we utilise the bounties of Allah Ta’ala day and night. The thought that we will have to give account for these bounties someday never crosses our minds.

In essence Tasawwuf imparts this lesson that we should conduct our lives as humans and not as animals. Furthermore, we should reflect over the Day of Qiyaamah when we will have to stand in front of Allah Ta’ala and render an account of our actions. This is what the Sufis remind others of.