Q&A: I can't see results and I'm becoming despondent

Question: I'm punctual and consistent in my mamools (daily devotions) for some time now. I am feeling kind of despondent now because I have not been overcome by any special feeling or "sweetness" in my devotions. I also do not experience any special dreams and I sometimes wonder if my mamools are accepted. Please advise.

Answer: Your punctuality and consistency in mamools is a sure sign of progress. Now that you are punctual you will be a special target of Shaitan. So beware.

What was your intention when starting any of your mamools? Was it for a special feeling, dream or the pleasure of Allah? All devotions must be done exclusively for the pleasure of Allah. If Allah grants you a special feeling, sweetness, dream, etc. then it is Allah's favour. And if He does not, then too be content.

The sign of acceptance is that Allah granted you the taufique (ability) to remember Him the next day. Make shukr for that daily.

Please do study the book, "99 Golden advices for all Saalikeen" as this will assist you in overcoming your feelings.