Once Shaikh Alawi Maliki (rah) came to visit Hazrat Shaikhul Hadith (rah) at Madinah Munawwarah. While he was about to return.. Hazrat Shaikh (rah) sent us Khuddam (attendants) to escort him.

Shaikh Alawi commented “I feel deep envy for you Khuddam , that By Allah.. you are in the service of Imam Malik (rah) of our times, it is my claim for which I even have daleel (proof). See..how much unanimity we find between Imam Malik (rah) and Hazrat Shaikh (rah).

Imam Malik (rah) had love for Madinah Munawwarah, similarly Hazrat Shaikh (rah) has love for Madinah Munawwarah.

Secondly, the preoccupation with Noble Hadith of Rasulullh (saw) and its love by Imam Malik (rah) is also possessed by Hazrat Shaikh (rah).

Thirdly, Muwatta by our Imam Malik (rah) has been considered amongst the excellent books all over the world. The best commentary of Muwatta available today with par excellence from commentaries of the books of Hadith is Awjaz ul Masalik ila Muwatta Imam Malik by Hazrat Shaikh (rah).

And the Fourth shall also be إن شاء الله completed such that Imam Malik (rah) lays buried in Jannat ul baqi’i and Hazrat Shaikh (rah) shall also be buried at Baqi’i.”

When I narrated this incident to Mufti Hussain kamani, he added a fifth point from his side that the manner in which Imam Malik (rah) was buried along with his Shaikh and Ustadh Hazrat Naf’i رضي الله عنه at jannat ul Baqi.., Hazrat Shaikh (rah) also rests there alongside his Shaikh and Ustadh Hazrat Maulana Khaleel Ahmed Saharanpuri (rah).

Extracted from the book Mere bhaijaan by Hazrat Maulana Yousuf Motala sahab (db). http://www.muftisays.com

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