"None of you can be a believer till he likes for his believing brother what he likes for himself."
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An event concerning Hazrat Shaikh Rahmatullah Alayh:

In 1398 A.H., a violent fire erupted at the site of Mina during Haj.  Owing to extraordinary disabilities, Hazrat Shaikh Rahmatullah Alayh’s stay was in a house, (tents being the usual accommodation for people making Haj), which was located far away from the place where this accident took place.  The rest of Hazrat Rahmatullah’s relatives and friends were staying in the endangered tents of Hazrat Rahmatullah Alayh’s special Khadim, Al Haaj Malik Abdul Haq.  Upon receiving the news about the fire, Hazrat Shaikh Rahmatullah Alayh at once engaged himself in making dua, and instructed others to do the same.  Many tents caught alight and huge losses of life and property were sustained.  By the Grace of Almighty Allah, when the fire was extinguished, I went to Hazrat Rahmatullah Alayh’s residence and found him weeping bitterly.  I conveyed the good news that the fire had been extinguished and added, “Hazrat!  Alhamd-o-lillah, no loss was incurred in our tents.  All the tents of relatives and friends are safe”.  Hazrat Rahmatullah Alayh responded with a deep hurt and grief-filled voice, “The tents that burnt were also mine”.

Extracted from Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya Rahmatullah-Alayh’s Adherence To The Sunnah And Love  For Rasulullah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam) by Hazrat Sufi Iqbal Rahmatullah-Alayh

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