One can imagine the amount of time Ĥađrat devoted to worship  during the month of Ramadan by the following incident, as narrated by Ĥađrat in his Āap Bītī:

My close friend, Ĥakīm Ţayyib Rāmpūrī [the father of another of my close friends Shaikh ‘Āmir] came to visit me frequently in those days. He came for a very short time and was good at providing quick rundowns of the latest news, so he was allowed to visit whenever he wished.

Once, in Ramadan he came at 8 or 9 a.m. He said to Maulwī Naśīr,

“Open the door.”

Maulwī Naśīr responded, “It is Ramadan.”

He decided to knock on the door himself, but Maulwī Naśīr stopped him. Maulwī Naśīr explained, “If he is sleeping, you will ruin his sleep, and if he is awake, he is probably praying voluntary śalāt. So knock if you want, but you’re probably not going to get a response.”

Ĥakīm Śāĥib got angry and walked on to the school. On the way, he met Shaikh Manżūr Aĥmad Śāĥib who said, “Ĥakīm Śāĥib, what are you doing here? Don’t you know the Shaikh is in Ramadan?” Hearing this, Ĥakīm Śāĥib felt his anger towards Maulwī Naśīr cool. After this, he entered  upon Nāżim Śāĥib [the dean of the school] who was dictating letters at the time. Nāżim Śāĥib was surprised and said, “Ĥakīm Jī, what are you doing here? The Shaikh is in Ramadan.” 

Ĥakīm Jī stood up and went to Muftī Śāĥib’s room. Muftī looked up at him and said the same thing.  Ĥakīm Śāĥib finally said, “Isn’t there any time I can meet the Shaikh?”

Muftī Śāĥib replied, “Half an hour after tarāwīĥ. ”  Ĥakīm Śāĥib said, “But I have to return to Rāmpūr.”  Muftī Śāĥib then said, “He will come fifteen minutes before Ẓuhr śalāt; if you can catch him then, well and good. Otherwise the only other time is when he returns home after Ẓuhr.”

Hakim Sahib did come to the masjid before Ẓuhr but I had already started my Sunna. After Ẓuhr, I made intention for Sunna again. He waited for a long time but, seeing no end to my śalāt [I recited one part twice] he took off for a stroll. When he returned I had already gone up to my room and was reciting Qur’an to someone. He barged up the stairs in protest and as he reached the top stair, he yelled out, “Brother Jī! As-Salāmu ‘alaikum! I won’t say much but, by the grace of Allah, Ramadan comes up on us also, but not so feverishly.”

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