During the holy month Ramadan, Imam Abu Hanifa (May the mercy of Allah be upon him) would complete one reading of the Holy Quran in the morning, a second in the evening, and would listen to three complete recitals of the Holy Book in tarawih  for a total of sixty-three completions during the month. (see for details: Imam Al Kardari's 'Manaqib Al-imam Abu Hanifa')

When Ramadan began, Imam Malik would cease narrating Hadith and sitting with the people of knowledge, and stick to reciting the Quran from its pages, while Sufyan al-Thawri would leave other acts of worship and stick to reciting the Quran.

It is reported that Al-Aswad [b. Yazîd Al-Nakha’î] used to complete the recitation of the Quran in Ramadan every two nights; sleeping between al-maghrib and al-‘ishâ. Outside of Ramadân, he used to complete a recitation every six nights.
Abû Nu’aym, Hilyatu Al-Awliyâ` 1:250.

It is related from Al-Rabî’ b. Sulaymân that Imam “Muhammad b. Idrîs Al-Shâfi’î (Imam Shafi) used to complete reciting the Quran in the month of Ramadan sixty times, all in the prayer.”
Ibid. 4:107

It is reported that Imam Al-Bukhârî used to complete a recitation [of the Quran] once in the day time in Ramadan, and would pray after Tarâwîh every night, completing another recitation every three nights. (Totally more than forty in the month).
Al-Dhahabî, Siyar A’lâm Al-Nubalâ` 12:439