Abdullah bin Marzuq رحمة لله علیھ was drunk one day and consequently missed Salaah. His female servant came to him with a piece of burning wood and placed it on his leg. He jumped up with an expression of pain on his face.

"If you cannot withstand the fire of the earth, then how will you withstand the Fire of the Hereafter [which is 70 times more intense than the fire of this world]?"

Having understood the point of the painful lesson, Abdullah bin Marzuq رحمة لله علیھ repented. Thereafter, he performed his Salaah on time and gave away a great deal in charity. After some time passed, Hazrat Fudayl ibn Iyaad رحمة لله علیھ and Hazrat Ibn Uyaynah رحمة لله علیھ visited him, and just by looking at him and the furniture of his home, they noticed a drastic change in his lifestyle. They asked, "No one forsakes something for Allah except that Allah compensates him with something equal or better, so what did Allah compensate you with for what you abandoned?"

"Contentment for the situation I find myself to be in," he replied.

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