1. Wash hands thrice before inserting it into a container to remove water.

  2. It is mustahab to use toilet paper. Therefore you should take it with you to the toilet if there is none available.

  3. Always wear your shoes and cover your head.

  4. Before entering with the left foot first, read the following dua:

Allahumma inni a’uthubika Minal-Khubuthi Wal-Khaba’ith

  1. Lower yourself as much as possible before you undress for Istinja.

  2. Any item (ring, locket etc.) that has the Names of Allah or His Nabi on it should be removed before entering. Do not face the Qiblah whilst relieving yourself.

  3. Do not talk except out of dire need.

  4. Do not utter the Name of Allah in the toilet under any circumstances.

  5. The right hand should not touch the private parts under any circumstances. The left hand should be used to clean and wash yourself.

  6. Be very careful of urine drops that may splash.

  7. If there is no toilet available, ensure that you look for a place that is secluded and private.

  8. Do not ever relieve yourself in places where people generally walk or rest, such as under trees or in walkways.

  9. You should always sit and urinate. If this is done in the veldt, you should find soft ground so that the urine does not splash.

  10. First use toilet paper before you wash yourself with water.

  11. Step out of the toilet with the right foot first.

  12. Once outside the toilet, recite the following dua:

Ghufranaka. Al-hamdu Lil-lahil-ladhi Adhhaba ‘Annil Adha Wa Afani


[Tirmidhi, Nasai, Ibn Majah, Bukhari and Muslim]

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