A Narrative by Hazrat Shaikh Ul Hadith Concerning Hazrat Hasan's (RA) Dying Wish

Our late chief and our spiritual preceptor Maulana Hazrat Shaikh al-Hadith (may his shadow never grow less!) writes at one place that when Hazrat Hasan

(RA)  was given poison and it began to act, he sent his younger brother, Hazrat Husain (RA) , to Hazrat 'Ayesha (RA) to seek her permission to be buried in her house near his maternal grandfather . Though a severe battle, like the battle of Jamal had taken place between her and Hazrat Ali (RA) , Hazrat Hasan’s father, she gladly gave permission. Thereafter Hazrat Hasan said to Hazrat Husain, "Perhaps, in my lifetime, due to having a sense of modesty and consideration for me, she may have permitted, but seek her permission again after my death. If she willingly permits, then bury me there, otherwise bury me in the general grave-yard.”

When Hazrat Husain sought her permission again after his brother's death, she said, "Yes, yes, with greatest respect".

Observance of personal respect and discipline remained order of life, even during conflicts and mutual antagonism. Banu Umayya (tribe) members opposed burial of Harrat Hasan next to the grave of prophet  saying that Hazrat Usman  (the third khalif) was deprived of this privilege, and so should Harrat Hasan.

But despite this Hazrat Husain pushed forward the ruler of Madina, Sa'eed bin al-Aas (who was an Ummayad), to lead the funeral prayer, and said, "This is the Sunnah.”

Do we also, in regard for Sunnah, deal like this with our enemies? To ostracise from the localities and sack from imamate for ordinary, flimsy reasons is a daily event with us. If there are a few such incidents, one may enumerate them but where incidents of this type be thousands and millions, how long can one count them? (AI-I’tedaI)

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