When you seek assistance from the 'Friends of Allah Ta'ala' (the Sheikhs), or desire to pursue a purpose and experience a considerable delay in attaining this goal, then you should not become disheartened or become doubtful of the Sheikh’s perfection. Faith in him and love for him should still be displayed towards him. He is, first of all, a Beloved of Allah Ta'ala and, secondly, someone else may be benefiting from him. Thirdly, you have also benefited - though it may not have been outwardly. A good example of this is that of a person who picks up a precious stone without realising its value. To him this stone is like any other ordinary stone. He does not value it until an expert in gems-stones draws his attention to the value of the stone. Only then will he really start to appreciate it.

The Friends of Allah Ta'ala may outwardly be far removed from you, but inwardly you should have complete love and respect for them. Try to remember their sayings and actions. It is possible that you may attain the good fortune of practicing upon it. [Ashraful-Uloom, pg. 28]

From 99 Golden Advices for All Salikeen, Published by KMSZ

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