Q: It is the quote of the pious that two types of people are always deprived:

(1) the student who does not enquire from the ustaad
(2) the mureed who questions the shaikh. What does this mean?

A: The meaning of question in this context means to enquire about the reason and basis of something. The shaikh instructs the mureed to do something and the mureed questions the reason for the instruction.

The person who asks these types of questions remains deprived forever. The peer should never be questioned regarding the reason for him adopting a particular method. Just follow his instructions.
On the other hand, the student should clarify the doubts arising from the statements of the ustaad; what was the reason for his statement and what is the nuktah (subtle point) behind this.
E.g. the peer said, “Recite the thirteen tasbeehs with darb (striking of the head).” The mureed asks him, “Why must I recite it with darb?”
The mureed should not delve into such matters. The mureed who goes on asking such questions should be sent to herd the animals in the pastures. Likewise, a student who does not question the ustaad should be sent to the pastures. The student is required to question the ustaad. He should clarify and look into every aspect, but a mureed  should never question. Instead, he should follow all the instructions of the shaikh.

The patient should not ask the hakeem the reason for him prescribing a certain medication. If he does so, he will suffer. Our ustaad Moulana Madani  (rahmatullah alayhi) had mentioned this to us during his lesson.

Extracted from Malfoozaat of Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi (rahmatullah alayhi)

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