There are numerous evil characteristics, but the majority have restricted them to ten. The essence of all ten is said to be pride (takabbur). If this is removed, the others will automatically be removed.

A person remained in the company of Hadrat Junayd Baghdādī rahimahullāh for twenty years. He said to him one day: “Hadrat, I remained with you for so long but I did not acquire anything from you.” This person enjoyed a lofty and senior position in his family and tribe. Hadrat Junayd rahimahullāh understood that there is pride in his heart, so he said to him: “Very well, you must do one thing for me. You must fill a bowl of walnuts, sit with it at the entrance of the khānqāh, and announce: ‘Anyone who strikes me once with his shoe shall receive one walnut, the one who strikes me twice shall receive two walnuts…’ continue increasing the number in this way. Once the bowl of walnuts is empty, you must come to me.”

The person replied: “Lā ilāha illallāh Muhammadur Rasūlullāh – Hadrat, I can never do this.” Hadrat Junayd rahimahullāh said to him: “It is a blessed kalimah which, if a seventy year old kāfir reads it with sincerity, then by Allāh, he will become a believer. But by your reading it just now, you have become like a kāfir. Get away from here, you will not acquire anything from me.”

Extracted From Tadkiratur Rashid

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