1)Make miswaak and wear clean clothes when going in the company or presence of the Sheikh.
2)Approach the Sheikh with respect and correct etiquette.
3)Look at him with respect and honour.
4)Whatever the Sheikh tells you or advises you, listen to it with complete attention.
5)Remember and learn it (his advices and teachings) well.
6)If you do not understand something then consider it to be a deficiency on your part.
7)Do not mention someone's opposing views in his presence.
8)If someone says unbecoming statements of your Sheikh then as far as possible defend his honour, otherwise go away from there.
9)When you come to his majlis, greet all those present first and. thereafter greet the Sheikh in particular. But if he is busy in a lecture, bayaan, etc. then do not make salaam at that time.
10)When in the presence of the Sheikh, do not laugh and joke or talk excessively. Do not look around or turn your attention to anyone else. Focus your attention only on the Sheikh.
11)When being away from the Sheikh and not in his company, keep his rights in mind.
12)(If possible) then at times send some gift to the Sheikh as, this will please him.

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[Excerpt from book on Tasawwuf, written by Soofi Muhammad Iqbal Saheb]

When Allah loves anyone, He calls Jibra’eel and says: ‘I love so and so, therefore love him.’ Jibra’eel then loves him and makes an announcement in heaven saying: ‘Allah loves so and so, therefore love him.’ The inhabitants of heaven then love him, after which the love for him is placed in the inhabitants of this earth.”

 The inner (hidden) condition of the lovers has been described. Now their worldly life will be outlined. When compared to others, their lives are a thousand times more rewarding.

 We all know that the Allah of this world is also the Allah of the Hereafter. Therefore, if He becomes pleased with us then, first of all, He will reward us in this world where after He will bestow further rewards upon us in the Hereafter. It is really sad that we do not comprehend this simple concept. Perhaps it is because, more often than not, the materialistic minded people appear to be successful, while the friends of Allah appear to be failures. This is a mere deception … as will be explained by the following examples, which we should comprehend despite our weak Iman, because we will believe on the unseen only when our Iman reaches that level of certainty. However, we do believe in our observations. We also know that the apparent and the actual reality of such observations may be quite different.

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