The Holy Prophet (sallallaho alaihe wasallam) said, "Those who are admitted into paradise will not regret over anything of this world, except the time spent without Zikr in their life."

Note: After their entry into Paradise, when they will see the huge reward (as large as mountains) for

remembering Allah once, they will feel extremely sorry over their loss caused by the time spent without Zikr, as can b e well imagined. In this world, there are such blessed persons who would not relish this life if it were spent without the Zikr of Allah.

Hafiz Ibn-e-Hajar writes in his book 'Manabbihat' that Yahya Bin Ma'az Razi (Rahmatullah alaih) used to say in his supplication:(O Allah! The night is no good unless spent in communion with You, the day is no good unless spent in worshipping You, this life is no good without Your Zikr, the next life will be no good without forgiveness from You, and paradise will not be enjoyable without beholding You).

Hazrat Sirri (Rahmatullah alaihe) says, "I saw Jurjanee swallowing roasted barley flour. He told me that he had compared the time taken in chewing bread and in eating barley flour; eating bread took so much longer than he could say (subhana Allah) seventy times in that time. Therefore, he had not taken bread for forty years, and had lived by swallowing barley flour alone."

It is said about Mansur-bin-Motamar that he never spoke to anybody after Isha prayers for forty years.

Similarly, it is said about Rabi-bin-Haseem that it was his practice for twenty years that he noted down what he talked during the day, and would check at night whether that talking was necessary or not. Those pious scholars were particular that every moment of their life was spent in Zikr and in nothing else.

What can you do?

It is essential to start introducing mamools (devotional practices) in your life. A mamool should be one that is diligently carried out daily and never left our. Hazrat Sheikh (rahmatullah alayhi) used to say that punctuality in your mamools is the stepping stone to success.

For starters, you should make it a habit to recite Tasbih-e-Fathimi daily after EVERY salaat. Do not be hasty in rushing out of the musjid as if someone is dishing our free mithai (sweetmeats). When you are steadfast in this for a few months consult your sheikh as to the next step.

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