List of Khulafa and Majaazin of Qutbul Aqtaab Hazrat-e-Aqdas Shaikhul 'Hadis Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya Sahab Muhajir Madani:

1) Hazrat Mufti Mahmud Hasan Sahab Gangohi Marhum - Patron of Madrasa Madhaahir al-Uloom, Saharanpur
2) Moulana 'Abdul Latif Sahab Marhum - Former Administrator of Madrasa Madhaahir al-Uloom, Saharanpur
3) Moulana Munawwar Husain Sahab Marhum - Shaikh al-Hadith, Jaamia Latifiyya, Purni District, Bihar
4) Moulana 'Abidullah Sahab - Teacher, Madrasa Kashf al-Uloom, Delhi
5) Moulana 'Abdul Jabbar Sahab 'Adhami - Shaikh al-Hadith, Shahi Masjid, Muradabad
6) Moulana Sa'id Ahmad Khan Sahab Muhajir Madani - Amir al-Tabligh, Saudi Arabia

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(Hazrat Shaikhul-Hadeeth Molana Muhammad Zakariyya Saab- by Abul-Hasan Ali Nadawi pg 177-182)

Final affection:

During the final few days of Hazrat’s illness, a letter arrived from a student of our Darul-uloom which contained his state mentioning his mistakes and faults and also regarding his servitude. Sufi Iqbal read this letter to Hazrat in my absence. Hazrat was extremely happy at this letter and said to him that ‘when Yusuf comes let me know, I shall kiss his face.’

When I came he said: ‘Come here, so I can kiss you.’

I went forward and kissed the blessed forehead and hand of Hazrat. Hazrat said: ‘I called you so that I could kiss you, I felt extremely happy hearing your students letter. Write many prayers for him on my behalf and that whoever thinks himself to be something is nothing.’

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More than twenty years have passed since the Ramadan of 1402-1981. That unique Ramadan will forever remain a memorable Ramadan for South Africa. For it was in that Ramadan, that a great saint of the century, Hazrat Shaikh Zakariyya (R) and hundreds of other pious persons visited our country.

This great saint was flooded with invitations from dozens of cities all over the world to be their guest for Ramadan, but from all of these invitations, Allah Ta’ala destined for him to accept the invitation of a small town in the North Coast of Natal, the town of Stanger. It was an unparalleled honour for the Muslims of Stanger to be blessed with this opportunity. This singular event emblazoned the name of Stanger on the map of the spiritual world forever.

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He said to her: "Mention my name and say: If this man had eaten even one morsel of food, then let me sink in the water. Otherwise let me cross over safely."

In this manner she crossed the river. Arriving back she asked her husband: "Why is it that you being a father of children have spoken a lie by denying having relations with me? And why is it that the saintly man had eaten the whole plate of food before my eyes and yet denied having eaten anything?"

The husband replied: "Whatever I have done was done on the command of Allah not out of the desires of my self. And whatever he had done, was done in answer to a Divine Com­mand wherein his self had no share. On the other hand whatever the world does is done to satisfy one's desires. We do not fall in the category of those whom the world looks upon as being married people enjoying conjugal relations and feasting."

It is not certain that this story is the same as the other one or that it is the same story told in another form. There may be many similar stories. Even among the Sahaba Radiallahu Anhum there are many well-known stories telling about them walking on water and driving their horses through raging flood waters.

Having reached so far, mention was made in the after Asr majlis about Shah Ilmullah of Rae Bareilly. A story of him was told of how a discussion took place about Hazrat Bayazid Bustami Rahmatullah Alayh. Hazrat Bayazid was going somewhere when his path was blocked by a river. As he reached it, there suddenly appeared a clear path across. Hazrat Khwaja Saheb said: "This is a test from Allah!" Then he made dua asking Allah to return the river to its former state and he will turn back, or choose another route. He said: "I am afraid of this test."

The narrator said: "If this saint among saints had such fear at the appearance of karaamat, and was so fearful of Allah's power, then how much more should not other lesser saints fear? It is the duty of every seeker after the truth to beg Allah only to be Allah conscious and to be in His presence and to be involved with His remembrance."

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