For the reformation of women it is sufficient that they study Deeni Kitaabs. Besides this, it is virtually impossible nowadays for them to find a female who could serve as a role-model and whom they can safely emulate. Furthermore, the women today have no confidence in their husbands. It is therefore best that the husband should read the Deeni Kitaabs to them. The husband should endeavour to reform the moral character of his wife – whether she reforms or not. If the husband reads the Deeni Kitaabs to his wife, he will at least save himself from apprehension by Allah.





A girl should begin to observe purdah from strangers even before she reaches seven years of age. From relatives she should start observing purdah at the age of seven. I believe that – as long as a girl has not adopted purdah – she should not even be allowed to wear a bangle. Her clothes should be very simple and inexpensive. In this there is worldly as well as Deeni benefits.






Even if the Shari’ah had not ordered purdah (hijaab), then too honour demands that others should not see a woman. Money is an inferior commodity. However, it is concealed from others and well-guarded. Women deserve even greater protection than money.




The Fuqaha are the wise-men of the Ummah. They have prohibited even ‘salaam’ to young women (i.e. a Ghair mahram male should not even say ‘as-salaamu alaykum’ to a young woman). Even this act will incline a man towards her.




Male-female attraction is natural. It is therefore necessary to exercise extreme care in this matter. Some women are so audacious as to publish their names and even their addresses with the articles which they have written. Observance of this caution is so necessary that some Fuqaha have ruled that a niece should remain aloof and far from her uncle. Although her uncle is her mahram, nevertheless, in order to choose a wife for his sons, he will cast gazes at her (and that is Fitnah).




By the same token it is not permissible for a woman to eat the food or drink the water left over by a Ghair mahram male (not even if the man happens to be her Shaykh). In fact, the Fuqaha say that it is not even permissible to look at the chaadar (outer garments/Jilbaab/Burqah) of a Ghair mahram female.






By Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi rahimahullāh



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