Our Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Ya’qoob Rahmatullah ‘Alayh narrated: “Once Hadhrat Khidhr ‘Alayhis Salaam met Hadhrat Ibrahim bin Adham Rahmatullah ‘Alayh who was engrossed in Thikrullah at the time. After shaking hands, Hadhrat bin Adham immediately resumed his Thikr. Somewhat surprised, Hadhrat Khidhr said: ‘You have not recognised me. I am Khidhr.’

Ibrahim bin Adham said: ‘Fine, it may be so. Because I have not met you before I did not recognise you.’

After making this comment, he once again became engrossed in Thikr. With much surprise Khidhr thought: ‘He is truly unconcerned.’ He then commented: ‘Brother, you are very indifferent. Other people yearn to meet me, but are not blessed with the opportunity. I, myself, have come to meet you, but you pay no attention.’

Hadhrat Ibrahim bin Adham said: ‘Whoever has leisure in his pursuit to meet Allah can yearn to meet you.’ Upon this, Hadhrat Khidhr replied: ‘People ask me to make dua for them. You should also ask me to make dua for you.’ Hadhrat bin Adham then said: ‘Good! Make dua that I can become a Nabi.’

Hadhrat Khidhr replied: ‘This is impossible!’

Ibrahim bin Adham then said: ‘If it is not possible, then, whatever has been decreed will happen. Please take leave. You are disturbing me.’

Hadhrat Thanwi Rahmatullah ‘Alayh commented: ‘This is the way in which work is accomplished.’”

[Malfoothaat, By Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullah ‘Alayh]

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