(1) Hadhrat Thaanvi had granted a certain Thaakir (one who passes his time in Thikrullaah) some time for discussion after Maghrib at his request. After Maghrib, Hadhrat called him because he was seated at a distance. Although the Thaakir started to come towards Hadhrat, he did not answer the call to indicate that he had heard it. But, Hadhrat was not apprized of his coming, hence he called a second time.

Meanwhile the Thaakir had arrived. Hadhrat asked:

"Why did you not answer? By answering, the caller will know that the one who has 'been called has heard the call. By not replying, there is uncertainty and this necessitates repeated calling. This inconvenience is the result purely of your negligent attitude. What difficulty was there in saying, 'Yes!'? Nowadays, academic knowledge is imparted in every place. But, there is a dearth of Akhlaaq (moral character). Now I have been annoyed and perplexed. I will give you another time. Remember this


(2) A man presented a paper to Hadhrat who wrote a ta'weez and explained its method. After having heard the method of the ta'weez, he remained silent. He did not say whether he had understood or not.

Hadhrat asked: "Have you understood the method explained by me?"

The man said: "I have heard it." Hadhrat said: "Then why do you not say, yes or no?"

He replied: "My hearing is not good."

Hadhrat said: "You said that you have understood the method. In other words, you said that you have understood it without having heard it. In the beginning you should have said you cannot hear properly. Answer me. Have you understood what I have said?"

He replied: 'I have understood a bit."

Hadhrat said: "You should have answered and informed of whatever you have understood. By answering, the other person will be relieved." The man said: "I have erred."

Hadhrat commented: "Do not repeat again such an error." Thereupon, addressing the gathering, Hadhrat said: "It is not the fault of these poor people. It is the fault of the elders who refrain from admonition."

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