A student once enquired regarding the nature of a certain game. Hadhrat (Mufti Mahmood Sahib rahimahullāh) asked him: “Do you also play this game?” The student replied that he engaged in it to pass time.

Upon hearing this, Hadhrat mentioned: “You must come to me and I will show you a way of passing your time. I will give you a kitaab and ask you to learn it from here up until here, and you will then have to read it out to me. Time is a great favour of Allah Ta’ala. It is gross ingratitude to waste it as dust and to fling it around. It is like a person who has a heap of gold coins in front of him and he picks it up one by one and throws it away.”

[Malfoozaat – by Mufti Mahmood

Hasan Gangohi rahimahullāh]