It was the habit of Nabi  Sallalahu Alayhi Wasalam to enquire about those who were absent from the musjid. Once, Hadhrat Hanzhalah  did not come for salaah and Nabi  enquired regarding him. Abu Bakr  then went to his house for an enquiry.  On enquiry from his household, they informed him that he was seated in the corner crying away. Abu Bakr  went up to him and asked him the reason for him crying. He replied, “Hanzhalah has turned a munaafiq (hypocrite).”

Abu Bakr  asked him the reason for saying this. He said, “When we are seated with Nabi  then it is as if we are seeing Jannah and Jahannum, but no sooner do I come back home and get involved
with my family, these feelings no more remain.”

On hearing this, Abu Bakr  said, “If this is nifaaq (hypocrisy) then I am a munaafiq as well because this is also my condition.”

Thereafter both of them came to the company of Nabi  and explained the entire discussion. Nabi  said, “If the condition you experience when seated by me continuously remains, then the angels would greet you in your beds and on the road. (Mishkaat with reference to Muslim, Vol 1, Pg 197)

NOTE: This Hadeeth will be a means of consolation for those saalikeen who do not find the yearning and enthusiasm to carry out ibaadat as they do when in the company of their mashaayikh.