Someone had written a letter stating: I teach in a madrasah and a particular buzurg is my shaikh. Could you please advise me?

Hadhrat replied: “Endeavour in fulfilling the rights of the students and the kitaabs. Consider the students to be your well-wishers in the sense that they have presented their hearts in front of you so that you could sow the seeds of your `ilm (knowledge) therein. In this way, your knowledge is being passed on and it is not confined to yourself.

Therefore, treat the students as your own children. Overlook the flaws of your students as your ustaads had overlooked your errors.

Always make mutaala`ah (preparation) for the lesson before going to class even though you may have taught that lesson many times over in the past. In every preparation Allah Ta`ala bestows one with a new faiz (blessing). I sincerely make du`aa that Allah Ta`ala blesses you in your knowledge and `amal (action).”

Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat