The summary of Shah Wali-ullah’s advices is:

  • Do not unnecessarily keep company with the wealthy.

  • Abstain from the company of ignorant Sufis, spiritually barren Ulama, and those who are engrossed in philosophy and logic.

  • Be in the company of an Alim who is a Sufi, who has renounced the world, who loves Thikrullah and the Sunnah, who does not give preference to one madh-hab over another.

  • Follow your own madh-hab (without believing that your madh-hab is better than that of another).

  • Do not give preference to one Sufi Path over another Sufi Path (one Silsilah over another).

[While it is incumbent to adhere to one’s madh-hab, it is improper to denigrate any of the four madh-habs. All four madh-habs are the Truth and collectively constitute the Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.]