A khaadim wrote to Hadhrat:
“Hadhrat, the fear of publicity is attached to Thikr bil Jahr (making thikr audibly). People will regard one as a pious person. Thus, there exists the possibility of riya (show).”

Hadhrat said:
“Insha’Allah, there will not be the fear of show and publicity. In this age, those who take Allah’s Name or pursue Deeni knowledge are branded mad. Thus, the question of riya does not apply. Riya pertains to such acts which are viewed with favour by people.”

10) Hadhrat said:
“Thikr should be with wudhu. In fact, a Saalik should be perpetually with wudhu and should recite Ism-e-Zaat or Nafi-Ithbaat carefully and with serenity. Attention should be paid to the meanings. It is best to wake up in the later part of the night and engage in thikr after Tahajjud. It is the time of barkat (blessings) and qublْiyat
(acceptance). Furthermore, greater peace and tranquillity settle on the heart at this time.”

11) Hadhrat would frequently say:  “My relationship (with a person) is along with the beard. If the beard disappears, my relationship (with that person) too comes to an end.”

12) Hadhrat said: “The dress of Christians, shaving the beard or cutting it, women wearing male-like
shoes, reduction in purdah, etc., have become a universal calamity which has spread like an epidemic. Whomever one looks at, is caught up in this disease, except a few. According to them, keeping a beard is neither a salient feature (shiaar) of Islam nor the way of Muhammad ( ). In fact, they have an abhorrence for the appearance of Islam. In such conditions the acquisition of Allah’s love is impossible.” (I.e. Poeple of this attitude cannot gain divine love.)

13) He said: “The Saalik should ensure that he consumes halaal food so that nooraaniyat (spiritual glitter) develops in him. It is necessary to abstain from haraam and mushtabah (doubtful things) because these produce zulmat (spiritual darkness).”

14) “Gifts should be accepted from only such people who give out of true love or who have a Deeni relationship for a lawful motive. Gifts should not be accepted from those who have worldly motives or unlawful motives.”

15) “If the greater part of a man’s earnings is haraam or mushtabah (doubtful), do not accept him invitation. However, do not pry into the affairs and conditions of Muslims without valid reason.”

Extacted from Masha'ikh e Chist by Hazrat Sheikh Zakariyya Rahmatullah Alayhi

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