Summary of Talk by Sheikh Ml Ibrahim Mia Damat Barakatu

Sat 25 August 2012

Verluam, South Africa


  • As is normal, Sheikh started with correction of intention

  • Last week this time we are all looked forward to Eid. It is correct to be happy on the occasion of Eid.

  • Now, what are we going to do after Ramadhan? Are we going to continue with our good deeds?

  • It will be easy to continue with our good deeds and habits performed in Ramadhan out of Ramadhan, provided we don't start sinning.

  • In one Hadith it is said the good deeds are multiplied in reward between 10 to 700 times. The reward will depend upon sincerity, intention and how close to the Sunnah it is.

  • We may experience difficulty doing good deeds but we must go against our nafs.

  • Do not follow nafs and shaitaan. Go through difficulty.

  • Ibrahim bin Adham (Rahmatullah Alayhi) said any good deed done in difficulty will weigh heavier on the scales.

  • The reward for fasting is with Allah. Allah will give a reward according to sincerity, keeping away from sins and good deeds done during the fast.


  • There are many occasions of fasting and the reward will be based as above.

  • Those that keep the 6 fast of Shawaal will get the reward of fasting the whole year.

  • In the grave, Salaat will shield a person from the side against punishment. However, muslims these days are doing exercise rather than Salaat.

  • Salaat is the me'raj of a muslim.

  • Are we seeing Allah in front of us in Salaat or are we aware Allah is seeing us?

  • There are over 52 Sunnats in Salaat. How many are we practising together with awareness of it being Sunnat. These sunnats can be downloaded from

  • Perfect our Salaat. Practise makes perfect. It takes years to reach perfection.

  • When you perfect your Salaat you will see Allah with your spiritual eyes or at least be aware that Allah is watching you.

  • After Ramadhan, the urge to sin will come into the heart. Shaytaan is free and will try to do his job.

  • Will Shaytaan win or you?

  • Stay away from evil company and places where sin takes place.

  • Allah did not create us as Angels nor as Shaytaan. We are in between.

  • When we sin we should immediately repent. The angels won't record the sin and even the ground will be made to forget the sin.

  • Make sincere istigfaar, not lip service istigfaar.

  • Istigfaar has many benefits including an increase in sustenance and removing of difficulties.

  • Sins appear attractive like a rose; fragrant and colourful. But after a while when the petals fall off, we are left with thorns.

  • Sheikh encourages us to make dua. It is the essence of ibadat.

  • What does the Imam know of our problem? We should continue with dua after the Imam completes his dua.

  • After Quran recitation people hardly make dua.

  • Dua is an ibadat. When you make dua you are humbling yourself and Allah loves humbleness.

  • Sheikh encouraged us to read the duas from Hizbul Azam daily.

  • Recite the Quran daily. Those who are fluent should read 1 Juz/Para daily. Those who are not, should make an attempt to learn recitation from the Ulema.

  • We should always make intentions. Even if the intention takes longer than the act! In intention we are talking to Allah.

  • Quran recitation will clean our hearts. So too will the zikr and rememberance of death.

  • Nawafil brings a person closer to Allah.

  • In Ramadhan, we read tahajud at the time of sehri We should continue with tahajud.

  • Hazrat Sheikh (Rahmatullah Alayhi) was very punctual on tahajud and awabeen salaat.

  • Read tahajud and you will feel a difference in your soul.

  • When you go to bed, evaluate your deeds of the day.

  • Find some time to learn deen and propagate the deen.

  • Send SMS report to Dr Salloo every Friday with the total number of duroods you and your family recited on Friday.

  • You may read any durood.

  • Tell Allah I love You and ask Allah to love you.

  • Be punctual on your mamools. Start gradually. Don't try to do to many things in the beginning.

  • Be punctual and Allah will grant you Shar'e Sadr – Allah will open your chest.

  • Remember you will enter Jannah through Allah's mercy, not your deeds.

  • The most beloved deeds are those done punctually.

  • If you find it hard to do certain deeds (eg. Charity, salaat, etc.) then punish yourself by doing that deed. Shaytaan will soon leave you.

  • Everyday spent without sin is like Eid and everyday spent in the obedience of Allah is like Eid.


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