Advices to Students of the girls madrasah on Friday, 3 Feb 2012


Allah sent us to the world for the sole purpose of worshipping Him. Allah says:

و ما خلقت الجن والانس الا ليعبدون

  • Worship of Allah can only be done correctly if we learn the rules and regulations of this worship from the Ahadith and laws of Fiqh. To do Ibadah in the proper way, you need to have Ilm regarding it. By learning the Sunnah method of discharging that Ibadah, the Ibadah will be perfected. If it is not according to the Sunnah, the Ibadah will be haphazard and will not earn acceptance in the court of Allah .

  • We are taught in the Ahadith how to spend the 24 hours of our day. We need to make Shukr for the great position that Allah has placed us in. It comes in a Hadith:

من يرد الله به خيرا يفقهه فى الدين

For whomsoever Allah wishes goodness, He blesses him with the understanding of Deen.

As students we need to make Shukr for being chosen from amongst these people who have been chosen to learn Deen. Allah Ta’ala Says:

لئن شكرتم لئزيدنكم

If you are thankful, I will most definitely increase for you.

  • Deen is only good if you learn and practice upon it, otherwise it will be similar to the case of a donkey, which is carrying the JALALAIN AND SIHAH SITTAH. The Ilm will only benefit if it is put into practice for the pleasure of Allah . Follow Allah’s command and the Sunnah of Nabi Kareem and you will attain Allah’s love.


If you have the Ilm and you are practising on it, but fail to have respect for others, then this Ilm and Amal will have no worth.

  • Our two enemies are Nafs and Shaytan. Ward them off and become a perfect Muslim.

  • Learn the Deen and impart it to others. Otherwise it will be similar to the case of a doctor, who studied for many years but does not serve the people. Don’t become a stupid Aalima. Learn and propagate, and together with this make Amal also. Rasoolullah said:

بلغوا عنى و لو ايه

Convey from me, even if it be a single verse.

  • Tell the people about the Deen. Tell them that Rasoolullah said:

قولوا لا اله الا الله تفلحون

Say La’ilaha Ilal Lah, and You will earn Success.

Explain the beauty of Zikrullah and its benefits to the people.

  • Become upright servants of Allah . Stay away from sin and Haram relationships. There are only thorns left on the rose after the petals fall off. If you get married the correct way, Allah will grant you much Barakah.

  • Get the love of Allah which will last forever, and don’t strive for short lived love.

  • Remember: من جد وجد

  • Strive in order to attain your objective.