Sheikh Moulana Ibrahim Mia (Rahmatullah Alayhi) emphasised the need for Taleem (Learning & Teaching Deen) at home.

Some of the books Sheikh encouraged were Faza'il Sadaqat and Deen ke Baate (a fiqh kitab, available in English). Part 2 of Fazai'il Sadaqaat was empahsised for the softening of the hearts of the family. Sheikh (Rahmatullah Alayhi) also encouraged the reading of Hazrat Sheikh Zakariyya's (Rahmatullah Alayhi) other kitabs.

Amongst the advices he used to impart to those in Itikaaf was that we it is us who sat in Itikaaf and not the family. We should not expect the family to be suddenly spiritually boosted when we return home and then be harsh with them. Rather, we should start taleem and win them with hikmat. This will slowly bring about the desired changes.

The mothers of our pious elders played an important role in the upbringing of their children.

We have collected a few stories from Pearls from the Path by Moulana Afzal Ismail (DB) together with a few duas for children from the Quran Shareef.

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