Islhahi Ijtima 2018

The Islahi Ijtima will take place from 2-4 March 2016 in Lenasia.
Address: 40 Nirvana Drive

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A rural dweller came and said: O Hazratji give me a ta'weez.' Hadhrat said: "I have not understood."

The man exclaimed loudly: 'Give me a ta'weez." Hadhrat replied: "I am not deaf. I have heard you, but I have not understood you."

The man remained silent. Hadhrat commented: "Now you sit as if you are dumb. Why do you not state your case fully? Have you taken an oath at home that you will come and trouble me?"

He said: "How should I say?" Hadhrat said:

"Go outside and enquire from someone, then come. Inform (whoever you ask) that I have said this." He left and after enquiring from someone he returned and said:

"Yes, my statement was incomplete."

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True Sabr is to give up committing sins.

True Shukr is to regard one's self not worthy of a single Ni'mah (favour)

Protection (of one's favours) is attained through Shukr

A Shaakir (truly grateful person) is a Mutawaadi (humble person)

A Saabir (patient person) is a Mutawakkil (reliant person)

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By trying to keep the creation of Allah happy, Allah becomes happy (i.e. within the Shari limits)

Always sit in the company of elderly people

Good character is a divine weapon

Do not become enslaved to Tabiyat (emotion), use your 'Aql (intelligance), obey the Shari'ah

Adopt a policy of Qana'ah (contentment)in lawful worldly matters

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The hearts of the Awliya are enlightened with the Nur
(effulgence) of Allah

The Dua of one's Shaikh (for one) is by the permission of Allah

The Dua of one's Shaikh is an indication of the Fadhl
(special graces) of Allah Ta'ala upon one

Never reject the words or advises of one's Murshid
(spiritual guide)

Hold the conviction that the error of my Shaikh is better than my rectitude

The fruit of silence is Najaat (salvation)

Do not speak much (i.e. unnecessary speech)

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Haji Farouk (ra) Article Count:  4
Haz Sheikh Zakariyya (ra) Article Count:  6
General Article Count:  3
Sheikh Ml Ibrahim Mia (db) Article Count:  3

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