A khalifa of our Sheikh Hazrat Moulana Ebrahim Mia (Rahmatullah Alayh) narrates: "I accompanied Sheikh (Rahmatullah Alayh) on one his KZN lecture tours. We were invited as guests for most of our meals and our hosts really fed us well.

After our Stanger programme, Hafez Abu Bakr invited us home for tea. Now, as we were leaving his home (we were in his driveway), Hafez Abu Bakr rushed to us with a container of biscuits. Full as I was with a heavy lunch, supper and tea, I declined the biscuits. Hafez Saheb insisted I take the biscuits yet I repeatedly declined the offer. All the while, Sheikh remained silent. The end result was that I didn't take the biscuits and we proceeded to Durban to spend the night there.

We had booked ourselves in an apartment and reached there quite late. As we settled down, Sheikh reminded me that we had spent the day serving the people and now we must not neglect our own daily mamools. He then proceeded to complete all his mamools before retiring for the night.

We read fajr salaat the next day at the West Street Musjid. On our way back to the apartment, I asked Sheikh if he would like some biscuits with his tea. Sheikh replied in the affirmative and I proceeded to a cafe to buy a pack of biscuits. Biscuits are usually stocked at all cafes in South Africa.

Upon asking the Cafe staff for biscuits I was told they had none. Strangely, the next cafe I tried also had no biscuits. I was totally perplexed and so I walked out with 2 Kit Kat chocolates instead.

Sheepishly I told Sheikh what happened. Sheikh rebuked me and said that when Allah sent you biscuits last night you refused. Now , even with money in your pockets you will not get biscuits!

I learnt the lesson well that when Allah sends something without you asking, you should not refuse it.

Below is an excerpt from Fazail Sadaqaat.

Khalid Ibne Ali Radiallahu anho reported Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam as saying: If anyone happens to receive something from his brother Muslim, without his asking for it and without his feeling inwardly greedy for it, he should not reject it but rather accept it, for it is his sustenance which has been sent by Allaha Ta'ala.

Note: There are quite a number of Abadith to the effect that, if anyone receives a gift from someone, without asking for it and without being greedy for it, he should accept it; for its nonacceptance amounts to a rejection of the Bounty of Allah Ta'ala and implies ingratitude towards Him. That is why most of the Sheikhs (Divines)  accept gifts from people, even against their own sweet will.

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